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Professional Holidays Pvt. Ltd., is an outbound tour company legally running for decades now. Founded by local experts, Professional Holidays has been providing outbound tour services to our clients for decades now. We specialize in offering holiday and tour services in different exotic locations like the United States, European Countries, Africa, Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Bali, Egypt, and much more.

The specialty of Professional Holidays is, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and have 5-star ratings in all our socials and other travel websites. We take pride in all the positive reviews and ratings we have received from our customers throughout these years.

In the case of inbound tours, the name Great Nepal is always on the top. Our affiliate company Great Nepal Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd., is one of the best travel and trekking agencies in Nepal, having served customers from all over the world for decades now. Great Nepal Treks specializes in Nepal, offering trekking, touring, climbing, and other adventurous/non-adventurous experiences in Nepal. While GNTE mainly focuses in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet are also some of the very popular locations offered by the agency.

Likewise, our other affiliate company is Tyamke Travels Pvt. Ltd. Tyamke mostly focuses on ticketing services and also offers trekking and travel services in Nepal at the same time. When it comes to ticketing, we are proud to share that we have worked with some nationally known organizations to help them all the services related to ticketing and booking.

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